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This blog presents several sources to develop your sense of colour. Except written explicitly, I am the author of all the pictures, figures and drawings.

The color challenge

I have launched a « color challenge »: to propose and illustrate 21 exercises to develop a sense of color and harmony through practice. There are no prerequisites if you take up this challenge. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur, or perhaps even a professional, They starts with a question, a theme or a specific color problem and propose the GORC method (Get inspired, Observe, Reproduce, Create) to adress the challenge.


The articles in this category are practical articles dedicated to a well identified technique to learn or to improve.

They love color

In this category, a series of portraits of women loving colour; they use it in their profession, they wear it, they study it or teach it, …. no matter: colour is part of their life! Through interviews and photos, I try to identify their world and bring their point of view on colour.

I love colour too! As a child, I used to classify the coloured pencils of my older sister, already a talented artist. At 12, I was putting coloured silk papers on my desk lamp; I admired and watched my environment so enlightened. Since then, I have been searching for the pleasure of the eyes and the mind in the visual arts and sciences. Here and there, I share with you this research.

They inspire me

And what about them? No sectarianism! Men also love colour, in the category « They inspire me », I dedicate other forms of articles to them: imaginary dialogues, reports of exhibitions, comments on conferences, etc.

I read for you

There are many books about colour, but they rarely agree! I propose abstracts and a review in the category « I read for you »; you will have clues about the need for further reading.

Learn to watch

Watching can be learned! In the category « Learn to watch », I propose analyses of selected graphic works.

Your opinion counts!

You who love color, let yourself be inspired by this blog! Feel free to give me a feedback on these articles. Send me the topics and questions related to color that interest you.

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